India and Pakistan Since 1947: Conflict, Crisis, and Change with Dr. Mytheli Sreenivas

India and Pakistan are nuclear powers that have fought four wars and engaged in multiple conflicts.   This talk explores the causes of conflict and considers the possibilities for change.  We begin with the partition of the South Asian subcontinent in 1947.  Partition led to the creation of independent India and Pakistan, but it also resulted in one of the largest refugee crises in world history, and sparked the first war between the two new countries over the disputed region of Kashmir.   After this bloody beginning, disputes have continued between India and Pakistan, and have shaped politics and international diplomacy in both countries.   We consider this ongoing conflict and ask how it has affected the people of South Asia, and the wider world.

Mytheli Sreenivas is Associate Professor of History and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the Ohio State University in Columbus.  She researches and teaches about South Asian history during the nineteenth centuries and twentieth centuries.  She is the author of two books and multiple articles about the region, and is the recipient of several teaching awards from Ohio State.

Teens and adults welcome to this zoom talk which is part of World Insight Series generously supported by the Friends of the Granville Public Library.