Board of Trustees

  • Dave Thomas, President
  • Jennifer Roberts, Vice President
  • Siobhan Clovis, Secretary
  • David Goodwin
  • Donald R. Haven
  • Beth Havill
  • Laura Krebehenne
  • Shauna Orr
  • David Skeen

Student Trustees

  • Robert Main
  • Abigail Pawlikowski

The Granville Public Library is an association library under the direction of a nine-member Board of Trustees, and two non-voting Student Trustees, who serve a two-year term.  Each member is appointed for a three-year term by Board nomination and vote. Members may serve for two consecutive terms.  The Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the library.  More details about the Board and its regulations can be found in the Library Bylaws.

Board meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of every month, except July, in the Learning Lab on the second floor of the library at 7:30 p.m.  These meetings are open to the public.  Approved minutes from previous board meetings are available upon request.