Teacher Collections

The library’s Children's Department is happy to assist educators in compiling collections of books and other items for their classrooms on specific subjects.  Before making your request with the online form below, please note the following conditions and other details.
  • We request at least two weeks' notice to gather materials for your collection.  Providing us with more time allows us to request items from other libraries in our consortium, which could enhance your collection. 
  • We will pull a maximum of 25 titles per collection request.
  • Books included in teacher collections will check out for six weeks and can be renewed twice by the educator if the book is not requested by another library patron. 
  • Most movies will check out for one week.  These can be renewed twice by the educator if they are not requested by another library patron. 
  • Seasonal and holiday materials can be in high-demand, and it may be difficult to pull together the requested number of materials on these topics during certain times of year.  
  • You will be notified by library staff when your collection has been gathered and is ready to be checked out.  Please come and pick up your materials within seven days of being notified.  Materials not picked up within this seven-day period will be returned to the shelves.
  • Teacher collection materials must be checked out using a GPL educator card.