Blind Date a Book! Week One

It's a new twist on the Dating Game!
During the month of February, take a chance on finding that new book you love!  Each week, we'll have 5 new pick-up lines to share (first line of the book).  See something that sounds interesting?  Call us at 740-587-0196 and request a copy by its mystery letter.   Will you find love?  We hope so!

This week's pick-up lines:

A. Heaven expects our best.
B. January 2001 marked the beginning of a new century and the conclusion of my service as America's sixty-fourth secretary of state.
C. Fun Fact: My great-great-great grandmother was the lone survivor of a shipwreck.
D. A girl of eleven sits hunched over a test booklet, the cold room hushed around her.
E. How could one say with any certainty what one hated most in the world?

Available throughout this week.