Test Proctoring

The Reference Department can serve as proctors for your next exam.  Test proctors make sure that all rules and regulations are followed when a student cannot take tests at the educational institution.  This service is offered to students of all ages.  Please contact the Reference Department at 740-587-0196 or by email at reference@granvillelibrary.org to schedule your exam and to ask questions related to this service.   

The library test proctor will:

  • Receive previously agreed-upon testing materials on behalf of the student at the library. 
  • Provide a designated phone number and email address with which to correspond with you and your educational institution. 
  • Provide a testing area on the upper level of the library during regular business hours. 
  • Enforce any time limits and other regulations that are associated with the exam.
  • Maintain a file for the student that will contain all testing materials up to one month after the designated testing date.  
  • Forward tests via mail, email, or fax to the educational institution at the student's expense.

The library test proctor will not:

  • Accommodate requests for unscheduled or "drop-in" exams.
  • Contact the educational institution on behalf of the student to clarify procedural questions related to incorrect passwords, incomplete sets of testing materials, and the like.
  • Interpret testing instructions or assist in a technical manner with online exams. 
  • Grade exams.
  • Guarantee that technical problems or incompatibility will not occur with the student's online exam and the library's computers. 
  • Download software for online test taking or modify existing computer settings to accommodate exams. 
  • Retain any unfinished testing materials more than one month after the agreed-upon date of the exam. 

The student will:

  • Contact the library to request proctoring services prior to having the exam sent to the library from the educational institution.  Exams received without a prior request for proctoring services will be returned to the institution. 
  • Confirm that the testing materials have been received by the library.
  • Schedule the taking of the test at least one week in advance in coordination with a staff member from the Reference Department.
  • Contact the proctor to cancel if unable to be present at the agreed-upon testing date and time.  
  • Bring an official form of photo ID to the exam.
  • Be responsible for providing any supplies (pencils, pens, paper, calculators, etc.) that are needed during the exam.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations placed on the exam by the educational institution, including relinquishing unapproved electronic devices. 
  • Pay for any costs associated with the printing of the exam and related materials at the standard rate of 10 cents per page.  These charges are to be paid by the student on the date of the exam.   
  • Verify that the completed exam was received by the educational institution.