A Gentle Introduction to Bitcoin on Zoom

Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on Bitcoin. From MicroStrategy to Square to Tesla, the corporate world is starting to consider Bitcoin as an alternative for their cash piles. In 2021, El Salvador has added Bitcoin as an official currency of exchange. In this accessible talk, Dr. Arthur Carvalho explains the inner workings of Bitcoin, from its anonymous nature and the underlying know-your-customer and money-laundering issues to Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus mechanism responsible for the often-criticized high-energy consumption. Besides learning about use cases, participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to acquire bitcoins via centralized exchanges.

Dr. Arthur Carvalho is the Dinesh & Ila Paliwal Innovation Chair and an Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Analytics at Farmer School of Business, Miami University. Having developed one of the first blockchain courses at the undergraduate level in the U.S., Dr. Carvalho has led the blockchain-related educational endeavors at Miami University. He has published extensively on topics related to blockchain governance, adoption, and applications.

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